Our Mascots

Rocky & Charlie

Mascots/Multi-Generational Liaisons

Rocky and Charlie are the office mascots, and they have a knack for looking cute. They still think they are lap dogs, even though they are 70 pounds and 45 pounds, respectively. Maybe their cuteness is the head tilt, or the way they want to give kisses to everyone, or the excited butt wiggle when they meet someone new. Whatever it is, we think they are adorable.

Rocky’s an Old English Sheepdog and is four-years old. Charlie is Rocky’s nephew and is an Old English Sheepdog/Border Collie mix. He is three-years old and is as big as he’s going to get.

Their business cards read: Mascot/Multi-generational liaison. They can interact with all age groups.

Rocky even photobombed a 4-generation family reunion photo shoot. Knowing he was adorable, he wiggled, licked, and went from person to person to get petted, which completely interrupted the photo shoot for several minutes. The laughter and giggling from the kids and parents only seemed to excite him more.

Charlie, with his unique black and white face markings and hyper-energetic personality, is a crowd magnet, too.